About us

Portrait of co-Founders Daniel Freitag & Nicola Stäubli

We are life-long commuter cyclists, constantly in motion. Our paths brought us together to create the tool we needed for our city lives. We are driven by strong principles that guide how we design, develop and produce our toolbike.

  1. We cycle for joy

    For us, nothing feels better than the flow we experience when riding a bike. This sensation is what we aim for all our customers to feel with our toolbike: lightness, agility and freedom.

  2. We create the one bike for all

    We want to master all the requirements of everyday urban life with a single bike that fits all potential customers. Therefore, our toolbike offers the ideal function in every situation: electric assistance, year-round suitability and modular cargo racks.

  3. We produce consciously

    We design and develop our steel frames in Switzerland, building them in France in a limited production to ensure the highest quality for our customers. We also incorporate premium components that require low maintenance.

  4. We are stewards for purpose

    Toolbike AG is founded in steward-ownership. This means that voting rights are exclusively held by active team members, and long-term financial success only serves our purpose. There are no uncapped dividend rights.

«Improve your daily flow and inspire change» Our purpose
  • Co-Founders

    Nicola Stäubli
    Daniel Freitag

  • Operational team

    Sebastian Frick
    Marco Giarrana
    Irene Hornero
    Manuel Kress
    Yuri Maurer
    Nicola Stäubli
    Loraine van Marrewijk