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MONOCLE Design Awards trophy

«The first Swiss e-cargo bike made in Europe, this new brand’s singular model is designed in Switzerland and manufactured in France, in a superlative marriage of design merit»

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«Sober fits the MONoPOLE, it looks more like a utility item. This is also evident in the cargo load: at 30 kilograms, it is twice as high.»

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The Radavist

«There’s so much going on with the Toolbike and it’s by far the most advanced and capable-looking cargo bike we’ve seen»

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«And that's an e-bike, but you hardly see the battery, because it's integrated into this down tube down here. Then has a very interesting belt steering that does the steering work. That said, this is probably a very low-maintenance system»

«Swiss Social Economy Forum» in Bern
SRF 2 – Echo der Zeit

«Responsible and long-term business management instead of maximizing profit in the short term: That's the goal of the so called social entrepreneurship»

Hochparterre cover

«The bicycle as a counter-model to the car: Opulence is not in demand here, but rather simplicity, reduction. If that's actually the case, the MONoPOLE should strike a nerve»