Belt Steering

Belt steering
MONoPOLE No O1 is the world's first cargo bike with a certified belt steering.

Our quest is to transfer the unmatched riding sensation of a traditional bicycle with a handlebar, fixed directly to the front wheel, to a cargo bike with an offset front wheel. Through the steering mechanism with a belt by Gates®, we improve performance and efficiency of the steering, while making it fun to ride and easier to maintain for many years.

  1. Smooth riding

    With our belt steering, the force applied on the handlebar is transmitted through the steering mechanism to the front wheel without any measurable loss.

  2. Extremely reliable

    Under extensive braking load by the front wheel or by maximum impact through a crash, the belt remains on the sprocket without jumping teeth.

  3. Outperforming the norm

    We tested our belt steering with 200’000 load cycles. The norm asks for 100’000 load cycles only.

  4. Minimum maintenance

    Once the belt tension is set correctly via our ingenious eccentric bearing cup, the steering mechanism will perform without readjustment for many years.

MONoPOLE No O1 rides smooth and agile even at full load.
Lucas R.