MONoPOLE x Soeder custom cargobike at Zurich HB store
MONoPOLE x Soeder

We believe in partnering with brands that share our commitment to cycling, conscious production, and purpose-driven growth.

At MONoPOLE, we can offer custom cargo bikes tailored to your business needs. Enhance your brand with custom color options that align with your corporate identity, and optimize logistics with cargo racks tailored to your specific requirements.

Up-to-date mobility strategy with our cargobikes

  • Our bikes are engineered for low maintenance, longevity and adaptability.

  • Shorten delivery times by avoiding traffic jams and parking closer to destinations.

  • Reduce your Co2 footprint by minimizing fossil fuel consumption for mobility.

  • Produced in Europe, they are crafted with precision and care, benefiting from direct access to our production facilities in France. This enables us to maintain high quality and short lead times.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom cargo bike solutions for partnerships.


MONoPOLE x Soeder

  • Refillbike for Soeder

  • Details of the custom design