No O1

Limited production, 75 pieces
Herbst 2023

MONoPOLE is more than just a bike, it's a tool for urban living. With its innovative design and electric assist, it will change the way you think about getting around town.

MONoPOLE is here to improve your daily flow and inspire change.

In a nutshell
Bike type



Compact, agile and modular

E-bike system

Invisible, fully integrated


Belt steering


Swiss design - made in France

The sweet spot of the bicycles

MONoPOLE No O1 is the perfect combination of agility and cargo capacity. It is designed to meet all your urban mobility needs while still being light and easy to handle in the city. The ideal choice for those who want the best of both worlds: the ability to carry everything you need, while flowing car(e)free through the city.

Bicycle on the street

Integrated electric support

MONoPOLE has a compact electric motor in the rear wheel that provides smooth and efficient assistance, allowing you to tackle any distance with your load. The battery is seamlessly integrated into the main tube of the bike, giving it a sleek and distinct look.

Modular cargo racks

We offer two flexible cargo racks to suit all your urban transportation needs. The Plattform Rack can accommodate an Eurobox or other large items and the Shopper Rack, up to two grocery bags. With these two cargo options, MONoPOLE offers the ultimate in versatility, making it possible to commute to work, run errands, or explore the city.

Shopping Bag Module
Toolbike No O1

Premium components

MONoPOLE No O1 is built to last and includes high-quality components. It is equipped with a Pinion® integrated gearbox and Gates® Carbon Drive™ CDX™, known for its durability and low-maintenance. The toolbike comes with an innovative steering mechanism with a toothed belt by Gates® that provides a exceptionally precise and smooth steering. These features not only improve the bike's performance and longevity, but also make it lots of fun to ride and easier to maintain for many years.


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